We believe that IV Therapy holds the answer many of life’s detours. Not just overcoming hangovers and nausea (those definitely count, by the way). But also, by enhancing physical performance and recovery. Beating back sickness. Or looking and feeling your best when it counts. We put our deep medical experience to work in helping you determine your therapy so you can take charge of your wellbeing and flow beyond.



+ Is it safe?

Without a doubt. Our ingredients are all-natural and proven to be vital to the body’s optimal function. And our formulas are free of synthetic drugs, to ensure your safety and long-term health. What we’ve done is develop a system for keeping you at your best.

Also, our medical personnel will ensure that you are a good candidate for IV supplementation prior to your infusion. So rest assured, your health is our priority.

+ What is the Ascend process?

The most important part is that it takes an hour or less from booking to treatment. First, select your preferred therapy package and book your appointment online. Next, we will arrange a phone consultation with one of our licensed providers. The moment you hang up the phone, we’ll dispatch a concierge nurse with everything you need for your treatment session.

+ How should I select my treatment?

Each of our four distinct treatments yields prompt relief. We have made our selections as straightforward as possible; tailored to three categories or a fourth all- encompassing option, the Elite package.

Though it is the highest-priced choice, our Elite option provides the best value. It incorporates all the benefits of our Essential, Endurance and Enhance packages, to get you back on your feet, support your athletic performance and help you look and feel your best, all in one session.

+ Is a prescription required?

Once treatment is approved, a licensed prescriber furnishes an electronic prescription, which is filled and administered by one of our certified, experienced Registered Nurses. At this time, we cannot service pregnant women, or people under 21 or over 75 years of age. Be sure to disclose all relevant medical history, allergies and medications to ensure we can provide you with sound medical advice.

+ Does it hurt?

A tiny bit? Probably not as bad as you already feel. But, you can relax knowing that our staff is trained in the most advanced techniques of placing intravenous catheters, assuring a quick, nearly painless insertion.

+ Does Ascend participate in health insurance?

No, Ascend is an out-of-pocket, elective service.

+ Who develops the mixtures?

Our infusions have been formulated by a team of experts including physicians, nutritionists, and pharmacists. And each therapy is curated from ingredients procured directly from compliant, reputable pharmacies.

+ Do you offer group rates?

You’re in luck. Groups of four (or more) enjoy a 10% reduction in price. It’s good to have friends.

+ Should I talk to my physician about this?

Ascend provides an experienced practitioner who will review your medical information and approve treatment according to your individual needs. As you would with any doctor, it is important to provide a complete and accurate medical history.

While Ascend is an entirely elective, all-natural treatment, you are encouraged to discuss your entire healthcare regimen with your physician.

+ How long is a treatment?

Your appointment takes about an hour from the moment your nurse arrives. We don’t want to rush your drip; we want to give your therapy the best opportunity to do its job. Meanwhile, our nurse will provide you with our complimentary amenities and you can simply sit back and relax.

+ How fast are results? How long do they last?

For most, this is the most important question. The good news is that sick or recovering patients feel relief immediately and continue enjoying the positive effects of treatment for several days (give or take, depending on your lifestyle). The effect for healthy patients, beyond a feeling of refreshed vigor, go to work sustaining overall wellness in the long term – through the replenishment of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.

+ How often can I get IV treatment?

In many ways, that’s up to you. It’s common for our clients to have a standing weekly session on our schedule. We also service clients passing through town who need a boost after traveling or indulging. This flexibility is due to the fact that we do not use synthetic drugs in our formulas.